Technology strategy

Developing a technology strategy

The right technology strategy will improve productivity, use resources more effectively, mitigate risk, transform product ranges, and provide clarity of direction for stakeholders.

Based on 3 years of research and implementation experience, Moar Partnerships now offer a structured process for developing technology strategies at corporate, divisional or departmental levels.

A ‘technology’ can be digital or non-digital, from transportation to bioengineering, from computing to energy production.

The service offered

Leading the development of your new technology strategy, involving research, analysis, critical decisions, and communications.

Within weeks there will be a clear technology vision, plus a set of objectives for the benefit of senior leadership, employees, and other key stakeholders.  This will be accompanied by a statement of delivery describing how the strategy will be implemented.

The methodology used

The Five Dimensions Process is unique to Moar Partnerships.  Every technology has 5 constituent dimensions; each of these must be considered within the strategy.

The diagram here shows a high level depiction of the project design.  For more information, or to book your strategy development, please send a request via the Contact page.

The 5D Process