management consulting

Bridging the gap between business leadership and critical technologies. Specialist in technology and engineering strategies.


Trading as Moar Partnerships, Peter Moar delivers two specialist services: 1) the development of technology and engineering strategies; 2) the teaching of strategic thinking to technologists and engineers.

Peter progressed from public administration in London to a technical career in the financial services industry involving infrastructure support, systems management, and technology risk management.  This led to roles in the education of risk professionals across all engineering sectors.

Since 2012 Peter has engaged in a broad range of consulting, entrepreneurial and research activities, culminating in the publication of his groundbreaking book, Technology and Engineering Strategies: Step-by-Step from Theory into Practice, recently published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis).

My services

  • Support leaders in strategic decision making
  • Manage the development of formal technology and engineering strategies
  • Match business requirements to technologies
  • Identify new opportunities for adding value to any business
  • Facilitate business-academic partnerships
  • Perform problem resolution and root cause analysis
  • Examine regulations and deliver paralegal advice
  • Deliver training in technology and engineering strategy

My approach

  • Stakeholder partnerships deliver value
  • Always conscious of uncertainty and risk
  • Value should only be defined by outcomes
  • All problems have solutions
  • Simultaneous focus on short and long-term goals

My combined USP

  • Experience in both business consulting and technology management
  • Multi-national and multi-sector
  • Specialist in developing technology and engineering strategies
  • Creator of original professional development courses
  • UK security-cleared to 2031 (SC level)

Technology and engineering strategies

A technology or engineering strategy combines your organisation’s technological vision with a set of objectives.  It supports these objectives with a mechanism for delivering them.

Based on more than 3 years of applied research, Moar Partnerships offers a structured process for developing your next technology or engineering strategy.

‘Technologies’ may be digital or non-digital.  They include transportation, bioengineering, industrial processes, computing, construction, electronics, and energy production.

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